Friday, May 8, 2009

April 2009 - Drawing with Light

1st Place - Libby Hoskins - 'Playing with Light'

2nd Place - Mandy-lee Palmer - 'Painting the light'

3rd Place - Sarah Parkes

by Daniel Habib - 'Bike on Fire'

by Cass Gordon - 'Fire Drawing'

by Greta Davies

by Donna Collins

by Trudi Tunstead

by Sharon Schaafsma - 'Burrup Lights'

by Ally Krueger

by Terri Bell

by Shonagh Stockdate - 'Perfume'

by Anja Hadley - 'Woodside Flare'

by Donna Cucel- 'Love is where the light is'

by Cath Samson

by Rob Connell

by Belinda Dundas

by Amanda Rintoul - 'Shearers Ghost'

by Katrina Evans - 'Butterfly in Motion'

by Emma Byrne - 'Southern Cross'

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