Sunday, November 1, 2009

October 2009 Open

1st Place Tony Jones Water Drop

2nd Place Daniel Habib Gentleman Praying

3rd Place Ally Krueger Eagle at 40 Mile Beach

Zbigniew Kepka Perth By Night

Trudi Tunstead Thailand Holiday

Tracie Jennings River View

Tanya Smith Gemma

Libby Hoskin Stairway to the Moon the Morning After

Michelle Crean Just Before Dark

Mandy-lee Palmer Back Beach

Katrina Evans Cable Beach at Sunset

John Maxa Sunset

Janice Hassack Illusion

Glen Slee Masked

Glen Jennings Dutch Pumpkins

Cathy Carr Pilbara Orphin "Sam"

Cass Gordon Dampier

Anja Hadley Janka II

Amanda Rintoul FeNaClNG at Night

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